Energy Statements

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Many local authorities now require an energy statement to be provided along with a planning application. The purpose of the Energy Statement is to show an improvement over building regulations Part L. Local planning authorities currently have the power to set targets to improve the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of domestic and commercial buildings in their area. The CO2 emission and energy target can vary significantly between the local authorities and can sometimes be as high as a 35% reduction over Part L.

What is an Energy Statement?

Energy statements outline the most suitable and cost effective solutions to reduce carbon emissions and integrate LZC renewable energy technologies if feasible.  They demonstrate the commitment to achieving a sustainable development.

The energy statement addresses energy objectives such as CO2 emission reduction and renewable energy targets. SAP calculations form the basis of the energy statement.

Typically, the energy statement includes:

  • Baseline annual CO2 emissions from notional SAP calculations

  • Fabric first approach, let’s see if the target can be met by improving the specification

  • Low and zero carbon feasibility report – renewable energy technologies

  • Heating, ventilation and lighting

  • Improvement in CO2 over Baseline from notional SAP calculations

Why use Apex Home and Energy Surveyors?

There are many ways to meet the required target but we will work closely with you and come up with the best solution for you, which let’s face it is usually the most cost effective solution. We will liaise with you every step of the way and speak to your local planning department on your behalf if necessary. Whether your project is a single dwelling self build or a major development with a 1000 units we can help. Please give us a call or send an email for more details.